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Let’s own our
creativity again.

Pelenia is a grassroots network of creatives harnessing Defi & NFTs to change the way we tell stories, get content made, and build community.

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Pelenia is a return to people-powered storytelling.

No investment required.

Storytelling wasn’t always dominated by big tech & media conglomerates. Unified by the $PELE token and governed by its members, Pelenia creates authentic content. Members can submit their proposals to get content funded, or suggest new tools to enhance the network's infrastructure for creators. No financial investment is required to participate.

Tools to organize stories, gather resources, incentivize community, and get sh*t done.

Anyone can generate value on Pelenia by working with others. Rewards are distributed weekly to all qualifying contributors. Use Pelenia to move forward with a project regardless of your experience, budget, or skill.

Submit a Proposal

Our free interactive primer on storytelling teaches you how to explore your idea and tell your project's story. Save your progress to use later and collaborate with others.

Guide Me

The PELE Portal offers different modes for submitting your project ideas and footage for collaboration with others.

Let's Go

With $PELE, content creation is a networking activity. Attract creative partners, sponsors, or talent. Build a reputation portfolio for your work.


Pelenia's system of reputation work well with PFTs to unite audience and creator into communities. Offer new and creative, long-term incentives to your PFT family.

Swap PFTs

Strengthen credibility with reputation insignias.

An insignia is a non-transferrable, consensual wallet token that represents experience with a creator network.

Through interwoven webs of trust made possible with blockchain technology, communities can use insignias to partner and cross-pollinate audience members.

Pelenia received a ZilHive grant to develop our reputation architecture.

Community-building tokenization with PFTs.

A PFT is a Project Fun Token! Represented by either insignias, NFTs, or standard crypto tokens. As a creator, you can offer PFTs of your project to incentivize gig workers, patrons or collaborators that want to be a part of the process.

Or you can use them as raffle tickets, rewards vehicles for liquidity provision, NFT giveaways, or placeholders for receiving a badge after a successful production.

Enter the PLVRS! pilot episode will be the network's first official PFT set. Stay tuned!

Creativity-powered, NFT-friendly, and metaversal.

There are no limits in the open-source Peleverse (PLVRS) of ideas. Using its PFT, connect with other artists or NFT holders and use Enter the PLVRS art to expand into new territory and generate new value streams.

Powered by the Zilliqa blockchain, Pelenia smart contracts act as registries to validate the authenticity of digital assets for audiences & community, including reputation.

P Tokenomics

The $PELE token is a ZRC-3 smart contract
that unifies our community.

What’s a Smart Contract?

Tokens have been distributed via the $PELE liquidity pool on Zilswap and as contribution rewards since Q3 2021. There was no presale nor has a single token ever been sold.

 on Zilswap
White Paper


$PELE is required to participate in Pelenia. There is a hard cap of 420,000,069 $PELE in existence, forever, distributed as follows:

25% bootstrapping participation in the beta phase.

25% reserved as staking/LP rewards for community members.

50% reserved for DAO-controlled treasury.

See our white paper to learn about how we plan to de-centrally manage Pelenia.

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Join the $PELE liquidity pool
and earn rewards on Zilswap.

Content creation just got worth it.

Join the network of creator communities producing value together--and keeping it.

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