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42 legendary birds and a multiverse full of friends.

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Who are the PELECANs and Friends?

Travelers from another dimension of the multiverse, the PELECANS bring satire, wisdom, anecdotes, and creative opportunity to their holders.

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What do they do?

The PELECANs & Friends take multiversal storytelling to new heights. From the extended realms of Pelenia's creative talent come brand new species, their foes, heroic journeys, legends, mysteries, and much, much more.

A visitor from the metaverse!
That looks an awful lot like scumbag Steve...

Special Art, Familiar Faces

Each PELECAN is hand-drawn by a human artist with all the tender loving care that goes into a real piece of art.

No one knows where the PELECANS come from, exactly. But one thing is clear: their identities have fused with the pop culture from our own reality.

An Extended Universe

An entire Pelecans & Friends multiverse is being created by the community, sponsored by Pelenia.

Join the fun and earn rewards, starting by simply carrying a PELECAN & Friends NFT in your wallet.

Meet the Illustrator

All proceeds are split between the featured artist and Pelenia's fundraising efforts.

Nataly (@natalleyla)

Hi, I'm Nataly and I'm a young artist from Belarus! From a very young age my life has been closely connected with creativity, especially drawing. The older I got, the more certain I was that this was my destiny.

I was lucky to meet people in life who liked what I do, so the hobby quickly managed to turn into a career and for more than five years I have had a stylus and graphics tablet on my desk in addition to the usual pencil and paper.

Today I am happy to be a part of the PELE team and I sincerely hope that you will love our new collection of PELECANS as much as we do!

You can get a closer look at me and my art on Twitter (@natalleyla) and Instagram (@vvesnuska).


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